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Our first ‘Oops!’

It’s been a financially costly ‘oops!’ as well! 😬

I got a phone call from our local council where our planning application was submitted stating that as we’ve now decided to elect a private building regulations inspector that we are only entitled to part of the fee we’d already paid to cover building control duties.

This was news to me!

I asked Mr.H and he hadn’t got any idea why we’d had a phone call, so next stop was to question the builder.

Our builder informed us he’s hired a private building control inspector to take responsibility for our extensions compliance thinking we’d forgotten about it.

We must’ve originally paid our local council to take responsibility for visiting our building team to check the extension was in full compliance with building regulations. However, we completely forgot we already paid this money up front when we submitted the original planning application. It was back in early 2017 so I blame that!

Anyhoo, it means we’ve got to surrender just under half of the fee paid to the council for administrative services already rendered. We received the letter today saying we were entitled to £165.00 back from the total fee. But we’re not happy with that so I’ll be appealing the value we’ve been refunded on Monday.

Got to gear myself up for that phone call now! Worth it though, especially if we get more money back than they decided we were entitled to just for mere paperwork duties carried out. There’s not been a visit conducted!

UPDATE: The local council would only refund us the £165.00 as the other cost is their standard, published plans checking, consulting and approval free so I couldn’t dispute it 🙄

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