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‘Party Walls’ and undertaking building work

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 (relevant at the time this blog post is published) is an important one when undertaking any building work and whether it applies to you. It’s one that requires some reading and paperwork to get right.

We used this really informative UK government website:

It helped us understand what our responsibilities were and the timescales involved. There is a really helpful pdf booklet on there to explain in what instances you require to come to an agreement with a neighbour and also gives handy template letters and replies for each of you to sign.

Using the webpage and the booklet, you too, like us can save on hiring a party wall agent and write the agreement letters yourself and save some 💷💳

Our obligations are now complete in terms of our party wall agreement but it’s something that when undertaking your build you factor into your schedule.

So that’s another thing ticked off the list!…




Steel calculations 

Planning approval 

Approximate budget 

Builder selected ✅

Party Wall agreement signed ✅

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