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Master.H’s bed

It’s been a couple of days since Master.H’s big reveal on his bedroom!! He’d not been allowed in for near to three weeks so he could have a mega surprise. He was super excited I have to say! There were lots of ‘Wow’s’ and an appreciative ‘Well done Daddy!’ As he knows Mr.H did his room from scratch, all DIY.

I’ve done quite a detailed post on my instagram page, detailing all the companies we sourced his bed and bedding from. All down to the waterproof sheets.

We’ve really tried to create a fun, vehicle themed room (he’s big into vehicles) that will also be future proofed. The navy blue and deep red help create an older feel whilst the vehicles themselves on his wallpaper are child like in design.

We obviously had a budget for his bedroom (as always) and we helped keep within this by doing a little hack to make everything work.

Apart from the actual bed, the next two most expensive items to kit it out are the mattress and duvets. Now, to help keep within budget, we bought less expensive mattress and duvet for the top bunk (where he won’t be sleeping). They’re still top in terms of quality but easier on the purse.

As the top bunk will be less frequently used as it’s going to be for friends and cousins, we could justify the difference in what we bought.

If you’re in a similar situation, this could help you too.

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